Best Direct Mail Marketing Strategies for Growing Business Revenue

Direct mail marketing is still an essential component of modern advertising. Newspaper-based advertising plays a key role in influencing consumer decision regarding purchases. While direct mail has been a tested marketing technique, digital technology increasingly takes it to a different level. It is clear that consumers are more actively embracing digital marketing, despite recent technological advances.

Digital campaign efforts often include elements like auto-responders and surveys. These elements make the campaign appear as personalized. This process provides advertisers with a chance to influence the recipient of a direct mail marketing strategy. An example of this can be seen in a direct mail piece that includes a series of survey questions. The survey questions change throughout the campaign, thus making the piece look like it was tailor-made to the desires of each individual reader.

Another way that direct mail marketing campaigns incorporate technology is through augmented reality. Augmented reality refers to digital technology that enables digital information to be blended into real world situations. Some of these situations might be informational, such as how certain products or services match consumer need and budget. Other times, these might be promotional, such as a coupon for a business. However, augmented reality is just one element in a complex direct marketing campaign that must be integrated properly to have a meaningful impact on the target audience.

When mailing out coupons to potential clients, marketers often take the time to survey those recipients to determine their buying behavior. Knowing that consumers are likely to purchase a particular product allows marketers to create mailings that fit within a certain price range and yet still come off as being relevant to the target audience. It also allows marketing professionals to target mailers based on the recipients’ demographic data.

Another use of online direct mail marketing comes in the form of social media marketing. With social media, marketers can use blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds to market to their target audiences. Social media allows for a direct connection between an advertisement and its audience, as users are likely to read blog posts, comment on Facebook pages or engage in Twitter feeds in some fashion. In fact, studies have shown that consumers who engaged in social media marketing were more likely to buy than consumers who didn’t. This suggests that the right social media strategy can be highly effective in driving business. In fact, studies have even shown that businesses that had successfully integrated social media with direct mail marketing increased their revenue by as much as 25 percent.

Direct mail marketing offers plenty of opportunities for businesses to work in conjunction with their customers and increase revenue at the same time. Postcards make a great way to start. When used correctly, they can help create brand awareness among a targeted audience. They can also be used to generate interest in a product or service by featuring an opt-in form for interested parties. Whether they are sent out to customers as part of a bulk order or sent as a single piece, postcards can provide a very direct and personalized message for prospective customers. Whether they are used to welcome new customers to a business or used to remind current clients about a product or service, postcard marketing is an essential component of any successful direct mail marketing campaign. For more detail on direct mailing just visit