Floor Refinishing – What to Expect When You Do It Yourself

Before you start your project you will need to remove any existing flooring. This includes tiling, wallpaper, and carpet. If you do not remove all of the flooring then you will not be able to refinish the floor properly. When removing any flooring, it is important that you lift it off in pieces rather than lifting it up in bulk. This will ensure that the floor does not have too much dirt and debris on it, which can cause damage to your floor.

After removing all flooring from your home or office, you will need to remove any cushioning and siding. Take the floor refinishing kit that you purchased with your sander, and clear away any remaining dust and dirt with an electric sander. It is important to remove the padding if there is any. You should also check to make sure that the siding is loose, because if it is not then it could become a potential danger for you when refinishing the floor.

Once the floor refinishing is complete, you will need to find a good location to work in. Using the floor refinishing kit that you purchased, draw a plan on the paper where you will be working. This plan will help you determine how large of an area you are going to need to work in, so make sure that you choose a location that will allow you enough room to finish your task. If you find that you are unable to find a plan in the instructions that came with your floor refinishing kit, you can get one online at affordable costs.

The next step in floor refinishing is to lay your sander on the piece of wood that you marked on your floor plan. Be sure to wear a protective eye for your eyes and your wrists. The sander will be used to slowly sand away the old flooring. Make sure to wear safety glasses so that you do not become scratched or cut by the saw’s sawdust. Sanding the floor is important, because you want to ensure that there are no gaps or rough spots in your newly refinished floor.

Once all the old flooring has been removed, you will want to apply the sanding finish. The type of finish you will be applying will depend on the color of your wood floors, but for the most part the finish will provide a smooth and glossy look. Once you have applied the finishing solution to your floor, it is time to sand it down. Start by working in small areas until you are satisfied that you have sanded the floor to the desired level of smoothness. Be sure to wear protective eye protection, as well, so that you don’t accidentally hit yourself in the face with the sander.

As you are sanding down your floor, you will also need to sweep the floor to remove any dust particles and to improve the overall appearance of the floor. Start at the edges and sweep in a sweeping motion. Work your way from the center of the room to the outer edges. If you are refinishing parquet floors, use a broom with wide circular strokes and always work from the middle outward. You can add a little extra wood floor finisher to your sweep to give the finished product a more polished look. In case you are not sure on what you are doing just hire the best flooring company in New Jersey to make things easier on your side.